Sally Patricia Gardner

To watch Sally talking about why her latest novel, The Ides of Daisy March, is so personal to her click here.

All Sally’s novels are available in eBook and paperback.

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‘What makes you write?’ and ‘Is this one your life story?’ are the two questions I am most often asked. The first is almost unanswerable. To say ‘Well, these people came into my head and I had to find out what they would do next’ is the nearest I can get to a coherent response. They then live and breathe in my imagination and obsess me until their story is written. It probably makes me a very uncomfortable, (and mildly schizophrenic) person to live with. But happily Ro, my husband, is also a writer, and our menagerie of dogs and cats are very laid back.

And no, none of my novels are my life story. But all of them are informed by my life, my relationships, every single thing that has ever happened to me. Who, after all, could write in a vacuum? But some are more biographical than others, for instance, Lillian’s Story was largely inspired by my first husband’s family stories of WW2.

War has been the trigger for several of my novels. WW1 features prominently in The Sweetest Empire and the Falklands War is the background for A Part of Having, whilst both Painting by Numbers and Finding Cordelia are set in a UK still coming to terms with a very changed post-war UK where attitudes, especially towards women and sex, were in free fall.

The Ides of Daisy March was motivated by what I knew about mother’s difficult childhood and is also my own very personal tribute to the soldier father who died without me ever knowing him.

I love talking with book groups, or anyone who would like to chat about my work, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.